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Generic-S controlling Record's Master Section

The Generic-R surface preset RM-Channel, controlling Propellerhead’s Record

Instrumental’s Generic surfaces provide a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to configure control panels suitable for all sorts of virtual devices. The modular panel system allows you to quickly reconfigure an entire surface, and the labelled control system frees you from worrying about MIDI messages.

The modular panels used by the Generic surfaces are the same ones used  by the other, more musical surfaces, except there are more of them.

Controls can be labelled in three ways:

  • Control labels and display ranges can be customised per preset
  • A MIDI Control Map that specifies the MIDI parameters for every available control. You can create a MIDI Control Map that defines the messages supported by each device you own, and label them there.
  • MIDI SYSEX Message. Plugins for DAW packages can send the labels and text readouts for all controls via MIDI SYSEX messages. This allows the controls to be accurately labelled even when controls are being dynamically remapped. (Currently this is only available for Propellerhead’s Reason & Record)

Generic-S controlling Scream-4


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