Burning Chrome Project

A good friend of mine has a crowd funding project up at the moment, to digitize his 8mm student film from the early 90s and make it available to all through Vimeo.
I’m aching to see the footage, and also want to try making a soundtrack for it.
If you have some money to donate to a good, creative cause, please check it out.

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One Response to Burning Chrome Project

  1. Jason Hendry says:

    Hey Simon,

    Thanks a million, or a hundred at least :) I’m really looking forward to this getting off the ground and into the hands of film producers and amatuers such as yourself.

    As I mentioned in my spiel, I’ve floated around technical production, audio and video – and I’m love playing Instrumental with my Reason setup. The kids do too, they find it so easy to just pick it up and make some noise. And the wireless config means they aren’t constrained to sitting in front of a big ‘ol PC. I’ve tried several other tablet surfaces and none were as easy to setup or as engaging to play as Instrumental.

    I’ll make sure I update here when The Burning Chrome Project reaches its goal and again when the video is up on Vimeo.

    Thanks again for your support.


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